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About Us

We exist is to help small to medium businesses grow by bridging the gap between them and their customers. 

We are passionate about Africa. Our purpose is to bring prosperity to this great nation.

Small businesses are the heart of the African economy. In order to bring prosperity to Africa, we believe that we need to empower entrepreneurs and give them the opportunity to create jobs and contribute their products and services, which will lead to economic growth.

With the use of marketing and advertising tools, Refuge Media seeks to be the microphone with which small businesses can communicate and reach their customers. We seek to help transform the businesses of African entrepreneurs, artisans and creatives, and to shift their mindset towards uniting to bring prosperity to the people of Africa. 

As a marketing agency, we believe in the golden rule of Ubuntu, “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” which means ‘we are who we are because of other people’. To put it in other words “Unity=Opportunity”. We seek to unite like-minded people who believe in what we believe. 

As businesses, we shouldn’t simply look to make a profit but to inspire people through the changes we are making. We should approach our customers with a mindset of serving and being of service.

We envision building a platform that inspires entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations to follow the golden rule and to operate with Ubuntu in all their dealings. We see a united Africa that is free from poverty and has reached the age of prosperity.

To unite small construction companies with people who are in need of their services, to allow for infrastructure growth and to promote economic growth through helping small construction companies grow.

Full Service Packages

Marketing packages to suit your budget and save you time. Whether you are just starting your business or you want to increase sales we have a package for you. From full branding to marketing and brand awareness, we cover all your marketing needs.

Business Starter

The Business Starter Pack is for businesses that are just starting up and needs help setting up. 

We handle company registration, logo creation and brand identity while you focus on building your business.

Increase Sales Marketing Pack

This package is for businesses that are running and need more customers to grow their business. 

Every business is different, so we tailor our marketing packages to suit your specific business needs to get the best results.

& Branding Pack

This package is for businesses that are struggling to stand out from the crowd and would like more people to know about their business.

We help you develop a clear story as to why it exists and why customers should choose your business.